Continental Film
Continental Film
In business since 1951....Continental Film has a long history of helping clients communicate more effectively. We started by producing motion pictures for businesses to help them sell their products and services, train employees and customers, and tell their stories.

We soon realized that our customers needed the most effective means to present their finished films and made it our business to meet those needs with the best audio visual equipment. Since our beginning we've sought and incorporated technology to improve our productions and to provide our customers with effective delivery systems. Those cornerstones of our business are still in place today. We provide solutions for our clients communications problems. As an example, videoconferencing enables people to communicate across distances as though they were in the same room. With systems to meet any budget and need, large organizations and small businesses are finding they can save substantially on travel costs. The healthcare industry has found videoconferencing valuable in delivering services more cost-effectively, bringing care to underserved areas, and linking healthcare practitioners together.

Although we hear and see in an analog manner, transmitting information has moved into the digital world...DVD, CD-ROM, digital television, email, websites, streaming media. We bring all of these formats into play for our customers.

Continental has an impressive list of clients from a wide variety of industries. Manufacturing, education, healthcare, worship, corrections, foodservice, tourism, museums, non-profits, and more. Our productions tell stories that impact people's lives, inspiring them to get involved, change behaviors, and appreciate different points of view. Our customers use our productions and products to sell and market their products and services, train employees, and position their organizations.

Our work is challenging. All of us on the Continental team feel as though we go to work for a different company each day as each new project unfolds. We are very good at what we do. Just ask our clients. What we'd really like, however, is to put our experience and talents to work for you.

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